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Oldrich Jelen is a Czech artist who lives and creates in Prague. He was born in 1961 in the former Czechoslovakia in a small town, situated in the beautiful countryside of central Bohemia, in sight of the hill with significant medieval castle, which is part of Czech history. Romantic landscape with many forests and picturesque hills can also be seen in most of his pictures. Since childhood he had two passions, drawing and books. He apprenticed to a bookbinder. This handicraft could base his precision.

Oldrich jelen painting atelier

In his 23 he left the hometown and later was admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. During his studies he began to illustrate to earn some extra money. So he started the cooperation with periodicals and publishing houses. At first, he was asked to create small thematic illustrations but after short period he gained creative freedom. Soon he became a sought-after illustrator and that was why he left the Academy after three years of study. In this period there were created drawings for many Czech newspapers and magazines, also Czech edition of Lettre International, Playboy, Penthouse, Quo and others.

After The Velvet Revolution there were many opportunities to apply his talent.

Kdyz valci spermie ilustrace 1
Kdyz valci spermie ilustrace 3
Kdyz valci spermie ilustrace 2
Kdyz valci spermie ilustrace 4

There were for example the magazine KMIT – journal of Centre of independent journalism that was developing completely in his illustrator direction or Transitions - international magazine about transformations in post communist societies also with many his illustrations.

In 1998 he started to work as an illustrator for prestigious Czech Publishing House Albatros. Then he won two prizes for two Jostein Gaarder's books he illustrated. Subsequently he created illustrations for dozens more books.

Halo je tu nekdo book cover
Michal horacek o tajemstvi kralovny krav obalka

His illustrations were published also in abroad. The english edition of The Keeper of the Crock of Gold (Bairbre McCarthy, published in Ireland) was given to US President Barack Obama as a gift for his daughters by Irish prime minister in 2009. You can find all the books Here.

He combines free and apllied art in na uncommon way. Although essential part of his artworks originate on the base of literary impulse, his pictures overreach initial text and create also their own worlds and stories and have an individual and independent life.

Pribehy skritku leprikonu book cover
Nejkrasnejsi pohadky o dracich 1 - ilustration
Nejkrasnejsi pohadky o dracich 2 - ilustration

For about 25 years, he has been dedicated to the graphic technique of printing from stone (lithography).In lithographic workroom, he found real „master of his craft“ in Petr Korbelar, the masterprinter. With his help he creates lithographic prints with exeptional precision.

The craftsmanship of these graphic sheets is exceptional even on a global scale.

Oldrich Jelen painting atelier

In addition to free graphics, he mainly deals with the creation of ex libris for collectors from all over the world.

He is a member of the Hollar Association of Czech Graphic Artists and a member of the Association of Ex Libris Collectors and Friends.


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