About Ex libris

Ex libris, a label bearing the owner’s name or other identification that in the past used to be pasted usually on the inside cover of a book, has become a collectors’ phenomenon over time.

Today these small graphic gems are exchanged by collectors worldwide. When I found out that the use of more color lithography is rather rare in the ex libris world, I decided to extend my focus to include ex libris works.

As an illustrator, I like creating works that feature topics chosen by customers. Ordering an ex libris from me takes a great deal of patience from the collector, because lithography is a time-consuming technique. Nevertheless, this method comes with a multitude of options on both artistic and technical sides.

I prefer originality and quality to quantity, believing that this approach is exactly what will help the the phenomenon of ex libris collecting survive also in this century, when the world is becoming increasingly flooded with digital reproductions that have nothing in common with traditional graphics.